Agricultural Drone

Agricultural drones have powerful data collection and analysis functions, which can provide a strong technical guarantee for crop cultivation and protection work. The application of drones in agricultural production is manifested in six main areas, including plot and soil analysis, aerial seeding, spraying operations, crop monitoring, agricultural irrigation, and crop health assessment.

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Agriculture Drone Applications

Agricultural drones can help the entire agribusiness become more efficient. ​

Because agricultural drones are equipped with cameras and other data collection devices, they have become “eyes in the air”. Agricultural drones can be used on a regular basis to deliver fertilizer or pesticides, and can also be swept over and inspected quickly to spot slow-growing (i.e. crop assessment) plants. At the same time, its sensors can monitor plants to absorb and reflect specific wavelengths of light, forming color images that visually reflect problem areas to us, so we can distinguish between soil, crops, and forests, and can also spot diseased grasses so we can take remedial action.

What Agricultural Drones Supplied?

Multirotor UAV. Fixed Wing UAV. Single Rotor UAV.

Multirotor UAV

Advantages: vertical take-off and landing, aerial hover, simple structure, flexible operation. Disadvantages: Short endurance and slow flight speed.

Fixed Wing UAV

Advantages: Long range and fast speed. Disadvantages: Requires a runway and cannot take off or land vertically.

Single Rotor UAV

Advantages: Vertical take-off and landing, hovering in the air. Disadvantages: Short range, complicated mechanical structure, difficult handling and slow flight.

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