Drones In Agriculture

Mutilrotor UAV

Multirotor uav handling is the easiest in terms of control, because it can take off and land vertically without a runway and hover in the air after takeoff, is operated on a simple principle, with the four remote sensing operations of the controller corresponding to the forward, backward, left, right, up and down and yaw directions of the vehicle’s movement. On the autopilot side, the multirotor drone autopilot control method is also simple and the controller parameters are easily adjusted. In terms of reliability, the multi-rotor aircraft is the top performer as well. If mechanical reliability alone is considered because the multi-rotor has no moving parts. Its reliability is essentially dependent on the reliability of the brushless motor, and hence the higher reliability.

Single Rotor Helicopter

Single rotor-plant drone wind field is single and stable, which can effectively control the drift of the spraying agent. At meanwhile, its downward pressure wind field has strong penetration, so the liquid can reach the leaf back at the bottom of the crop, with special plant protection agents will help a good settling effect, and can meet the operational needs of a variety of crops, such as: large field crops, high pole crops, fruit trees and dense crops (wide application). Also, single rotor UAV is characterized by high load capacity, long flight time and good wind resistance, as well as simple to build and easy to maneuver.

Fixed Wing UAV

Fixedwing uav have the characteristics of fast flight speed, long and high range, economical, large carrying capacity and stable flight. Because the fixed wing drone sweeping area is wide, long time, can monitor a large area such as grassland, forest fire, etc., multi-axis hovering is accurate, can be fine to a target to observe, small size, can enter the woods with many branches and leaves, so when there is a large range, height demand, generally choose the fixed-wing drone, like aerial surveys, high altitude reconnaissance, power patrols, highway surveillance, etc. Fixed-wing aircraft have better speed and range than rotorcraft, but cannot hover and require a runway for takeoff and landing.

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