Agricultural UAV Learn

Agriculture Drone Uses

The drones used in agriculture are called agricultural drones, the main uses of agricultural drones: vegetation protection operations, forestry monitoring, crop pollination, herd positioning, soil moisture monitoring, monitoring vegetation cover, etc.

Types of Agricultural Drones

There are two types of agricultural drones: electric multi-rotor and direct fuel multi-rotor. The general electric load is about 10-25 liters and the battery life is 10-20 minutes; the maximum take-off weight of the direct fuel multi-rotor is 150 kg and the battery life is 1-3. hour.

Importance of Agriculture UAV

Agricultural drones can not only save manpower and material resources, but also save 50% of pesticide use, 90% of water consumption and reduce resource costs compared with manual operations. The application liquid has a small amount, little drift of pesticides, is not restricted by the growth of crops, avoids pesticide poisoning, and adapts to various terrains.

Drone Land Surveying

Before performing missions, UAV aerial photography automatically completes flight plans according to surveying and mapping needs, formulates flight routes, aerial photography point layout, etc. During aerial photography flight, instant retakes, trajectory playback, and analysis of missed shots can be implemented.